Knitting tutorial of red rope bracelet with fresh flowers

Summer has come, in addition to the use of beautiful clothes and manicure match, we have used woven bracelets for their own dress? Woven bracelets are colorful and have many styles. It’s worth trying to dress yourself with different bracelets.

A few days ago, a girl friend of mine suddenly sent me a picture, asking me to make her a red rope bracelet on the picture. I’ve seen others make it just before, and I also like this bracelet very much, which belongs to the eye-catching type.

Let’s see the finished product first

1. Take a 1-meter-long 72 jade line as the axis, and make a 2.5-meter-long bird head knot

2. Use the axis as the core wire, and make a flat knot on the core wire with two wires nearby

3. Take another 1.5-meter-long No.72 jade line and make a flat knot as shown in the figure